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Dubious Claims of Specialized Knowledge

The six tunes on this ep come from a batch of eight songs we recorded in Seattle at The Killroom with Jeffrey McNulty. We chose Jeffery because we’d worked with him before, and we knew he spoke our language. We’re also fans of his production on albums by Great Falls, Githyanki, and others. Mastering for both digital and vinyl was handled by Phil Petrocelli at Petrocelli Audio. We wrote all of the songs during the Covid pandemic. Once mixing and mastering was complete, we started on the accompanying music videos for Nail Gun, Burn the Sun, and Don’t Go Downstairs. A video for Blistered Feet is in the works. The Nail Gun single was released 4/20/2022, and will be followed by the Burn the Sun single on 5/18/2022. The whole ep will be available on all streaming platforms, CD, and a limited run of vinyl. We’re now working on songs for Regretski’s next release.
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