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Nail Gun

The basics of this song came together in my buddy Adam’s basement. It shows our Unsane influence, maybe. The lyrics were inspired by various things. Like most Regretski lyrics, it started with free association, in this case triggered by an actual nail gun we had lying around. Later, I thought about the nail gun scenes in The Wire, including when Snoop buys a new one at Home Depot, so our engineer, Jeffry McNulty added that sample at the end. But the song itself doesn’t really have anything to do with The Wire.

We made the Nail Gun video in collaboration with our man Ziad from Alexandria, Egypt. I’d seen a few of his Egyptian hip-hop videos, including one in which some guys were doing parkour. I told him the video should include a Regretski T-shirt getting stolen, a chase through the streets of Alexandria, and some parkour. Ziad put together a crew and they shot everything in one day. You can find Ziad at

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